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All our engine parts are brand new never rebuilt or remanufactured with us you just get the very best

Professional Engine Installations are available in-house. Please call for availability and specific price rates for each vehicle.

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U.S. Engine provides customers with free or discount towing services to its installation center for custom engine installations.

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Rebuilt or new: Trust us for an engine that is full of power and offers high-quality performance
If you require an engine that is built for power and performance, trusting someone who has been in the business for a long time is a good idea. No matter what kind of vehicle you have or what kind of engine you are looking for, we can help you with engines that are full of power and offers top-grade performance throughout its life. Come to us, and let us help you in finding a rebuilt engine or a new one. Our knowledge of building marine engine with more power and save on fuel.

Engines are our passion

We at U.S. Engines Inc have been crazy about engines since the time our company came into operation way back in 1986. We are extremely passionate about boat engines and take a lot of pride in saying that we are one of the best rebuilding companies on American soil. We provide you with a selection of rebuilt marine engines for sale and other types of engines no matter what kind of vehicle you possess. Our solutions are always affordable, long-lasting and reliable and are guaranteed to improve performance, give you more power and support your safety. Our trained and knowledgeable technicians make sure that they meet all the standards of the American automotive machining industry so that you can be sure that your safety will never be compromised. Trust us to provide you with marine power engines that are truly built for quality and performance.

What we offer

  • A huge selection of rebuilt engines to choose from
  • 350 engine as well as a variety of new marine engine for a wide array of vehicles
  • Custom installation for your engine (includes towing and shipping services throughout the country)
  • All parts used are brand new and of the best quality
  • Domestic and import car engines


Why choose us
By dint of excellence in service, we have established ourselves as a name to reckon with in the industry. Our high-quality remanufacturing, extensive collection of Mercruiser engines and other varieties and 7-year warranty on service are things that make us a cut above the competition.
Call us at U.S. Engines Inc at our phone number 1800 542 3214 or for expert remanufacturing of engines or affordable and long lasting rebuilt engines for a wide array of vehicles. With us to help you, you will enjoy driving a lot more!

FOR ENGINES NOT LISTED ON OUR WEBSITE CALL OUR SALES DEPARTMENT AT 1-800-542-3214 List Prices Do Not Include Hardware, Accessories or Installation

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