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Engine Installing Help


 Replacing your marine engine is not as hard as you may think. Like all mechanical objects if you have the courage to try and not worried of failing you can do this. Just ask questions of others including ourselves we like to help you.


Your first step is to be very careful marine engines weight is 500 LBS and up. Next get out that camera take pictures at least ten close ups of areas that you feel will be lost during installing. Video camera is also good for more references. You can mark parts left, right, top and bottom. And use tape to wright on.


Now that you have all that information recorded you can start removal. While removing parts mark there locations and more pictures thanks to those digital camera. This would be a good job for your spouse or children and some very smart dogs.


OK lets start taking out that engine the US ENGIN'S way. I say this because we cannot be responsible for your damages or injury's. Here is that legal part you have to agree to.


Using or following US ENGINES method of marine engine removal and installing you must agree to hold us harmless, we are giving you no promises or guarantee that our ways is correct.


Now that you have agreed you may read on. 


You will need to decide if the out drive must come off or not most of times not in smaller boats. To figure out if you can leave the out drive on the front of your engine will need to slide forward at least 10" before lifting. When lifting and installing your engine needs to be level you may have to raise the nose of your trail or up or down you must do this before removal. 


If your out drive has to come off you should take it to the marine shop. When we remove engines removal of the out drive is best for us allows us to check u-joints, bearings and the out drive. 

For the purpose of remove and installing decide left side and right side. The correct left and right is when your behind your boat looking forward.  When we remove engine left for use is facing to the rear because our mechanics are always in front of the engine.

Did you know port is also called left. You can remember this because they both have 4 letters.

1-Before removing your engine shift your lever in the forward position like your on the water going forward.

2-Disconnect your batteries negative cables first then positive cables, always look to see if there are several batteries. Do not use your battery disconnect this WILL NOT turn off all power sources.

3-Unplug the wiring harness this is usually a black and 2" diameter leave engine harness on and remove all the hold downs and other wires moves this out of your way. Did you mark those extra wires?

4-Follow the main ground wire from your engine to the battery or battery disconnect. Remove this and lay that cable on top of the engine.

5-At the starter you will see a large red wire the size of you finger. Follow it to disconnect it and lay on top of the engine. If you cannot find it disconnect it at the starter. Hang on to the wire and pull up as you loosen the starter wire or you will damage your starter. Do the same when installing but just hold it steady.

6-Remove one side of the rubber gas hose  between the fuel tank and fuel pump. Located lower left remove at the fuel pump. Install a 3/8 bolt in the fuel line going to your tank. Take care this could have some pressure and leak some fuel. Clean up all fuel spillage before continuing.

7-Remove the throttle cable right side of the carburetor and at the back is two bolts holding the throttle bracket. 

8-On the left inside of your exhaust riser or elbow you will see the throttle and out drive shift assembly. Remove those bolts holding it in place. Now you can take that assembly and move it out of your way. If needed tie it up some place, do not bent, shift your shifter or make any adjustments.